Small Business Resources

"WOSHTEP small business resources are very useful in helping owners of small businesses train their employees in effective health and safety practices."

– Scott Hauge, Small Business California

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Small businesses face unique health and safety issues. If not proactively averted, potential hazards can incur costly consequences such as a loss in worker time and productivity. One of the best ways to prevent injuries and illnesses is to engage supervisors and workers in identifying hazards and controlling them in their workplace.

WOSHTEP provides general health and safety materials for small businesses across many Small Business Training Guide Coverindustries. These materials include training activities for owners and managers to conduct with their employees. Instructional resources also help business owners understand how safety training keeps their businesses successful. Materials include:

In addition to the general resources for small businesses, WOSHTEP has also developed industry-specific small business health and safety materials for restaurants, janitorial services, and dairy.