UCLA-LOSH has a number of specific projects underway in the area of worker health and safety. Listed here are current projects supported by grants and contracts received by the UCLA-LOSH Program within the past several years.

  • HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) provides health and safety training for persons managing hazardous waste or those involved in an emergency response release such as leaks, spills, accidents or fires. This training is available in both English and Spanish to workers in the private and public sectors.

  • WOSHTEP (Worker Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education Program) is a statewide effort aimed at reducing job-related injuries and illnesses among California workers. WOSHTEP offers a basic 24-hour health and safety training course as well as shorter sessions for specific audiences. All training is offered in Spanish and English.

  • The Young Workers Project focuses on developing strong youth leadership in the area of workplace health and safety. Through annual 3-day leadership academies, these youth become actively involved in their communities and capable of educating fellow workers about U.S. workplace rights, responsibilities, and protections.

UCLA-LOSH also responds to a limited number of requests for assistance on worker health and safety training that do not fit specifically under these funded projects. Please contact us to make such requests.