US-MEX Border Health and Safety Training Project

UCLA-LOSH collaborates with several organizations to implement the Border Health and Safety Training Project for workers in the maquiladoras (assembly plants found generally south of the border from Tijuana to Tamaulipas).

We provide regional train-the-trainer classes for workers and their organizations from the U.S./Mexico Border States. The objective of these train-the-trainers is to foster workplace health and safety training along the border. The training methods utilize popular education techniques.

Because of the rapid industrial growth in the border region, the infrastructure is not present to provide adequate health services, much less health and safety training.

Persons or organizations interested in learning more about the training provided by UCLA-LOSH should call (310) 794-5964.


  • Maquiladora Health and Safety Support Network
  • Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras
  • Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers
  • UC Berkeley Labor Occupational Health Program
  • Canadian Auto Workers
  • United Auto Workers
  • Centro de Investigacion Laboral y Asesoramiento Sindical (CILAS)
  • Comite Fronterizo Obrero (CFO)