Emergency Response Training

Training participants learning decontamination processEmergency Response training is designed for workers that respond to the release of hazardous substances. Examples of those who need certification are: First Responder Awareness (FRA), First Responder Operational (FRO), Hazardous Materials Technician, or Hazardous Materials Incident Commander (IC). Courses certified through Office of Emergency Services (OES), California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI).


  • First Responder FRA, FRO, and IC (on request)

Fees and Registration

$100 per day
Our fees include tuition, course materials, refreshments, parking, certificate of completion (when course requirements are met and course fee has been paid). All our classes count towards ABIH Certification Maintenance Points.


HAZWOPER complies with 29 CFR 1910.120, Appendix E Training Curriculum Guidelines, which require that:

  • Emergency response personnel receive 8 to 40 hours of training;
  • Workers receive 8 hour annual refresher courses;
  • On-site supervisors receive 24 or 40 hours of basic training plus 8 additional hours of specialized training.